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On September 23rd-27th, 2019

JSC "VNIISV" was a participant of XVI Scientific and Practical Conference "The newest trends in the development of armor and structural composite materials", Yalta, Republic Of Crimea

 From 23 to 27 September 2019 on the initiative of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, the Central Research Institute of Special Engineering and the Center for High-strength Materials "Reinforced Composites" in Yalta there was held XVI Scientific and Practical Conference "The newest trends in the development of armor and structural composite materials."

More than 50 participants of the Conference, including specialists of leading institutes, organizations and enterprises engaged in development and production of goods made of composite materials, as well as representatives of law enforcement structures that are consumers of these goods, heard more than 30 reports and discussed the questions of development, production and application of composite materials in military equipment and the national economy.

The Conference was attended by Deputy General Director for innovation of JSC “VNIISV”  Svetlana Shkurenko. Her report on the topic: "The development and properties of domestic UHMWPE fibers and composites on their base” aroused great interest among participants of the Conference. Judging by the number of questions asked to the speaker, this topic is one of the most important today.

The Conference demonstrated the urgent need to combine efforts in creation of modern fiber-composite materials of various applications.

The training center of JSC "VNIISV" has completed training of workers

April 2019

   The licensed training center of JSC "VNIISV" has completed professional training of workers on the educational program of professional development "Safe methods and techniques of work at height". The training was organized for a group of workers upon request of structural units of the Company and in accordance with requirements of the Rules on labor protection at work at height, approved by the Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation dated March 28, 2014 №155n.
   The classes were held by Chief Mechanic of JSC "VNIISV" Korzin A.V., who has additional education in the field of vocational training.
   Upon completion of training, the qualifying commission chaired by Chief Engineer of JSC "VNIISV" Bykov V. A. with participation of Leading Specialist on labor protection Bialkovskaya L.V. made knowledge assessment of the audience. Eleven workers of JSC "VNIISV" were allowed to works at height. All trainees who have passed the exam will get certificates of a standard form.
   In structural units of JSC "VNIISV" there will be organized a practical study for trained workers in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge necessary for safe performance of work, as well as to develop the practical skills, safe methods and techniques directly in the workplace in accordance with requirements of the Rules on labor protection at work at height.

Development of polypropylene nonwoven "Sayd"

December, 2017

   JSC "VNIISV" has developed filtering polypropylene fibrous nonwoven "Sayd". The material is intended for purification of contaminated water from iron salts, mechanical impurities (sand, dirt), oils, fuel oil, etc. and for obtaining purified process water. A distinctive feature of the material is its hydrophility. This nonwoven passes contaminated water through itself by gravity, without use of pumping station. For practical usage the material is wound on a perforated cylinder or perforated mesh. It can be successfully used when washing cars, tractors and other machinery, when the waste water is forwarded to the sewer.
   The material is well welded, glued by most adhesives. It is resistant to alkalis and sulfuric acid (37%). Operating temperature is up to 80ͦ C. The Material has the following characteristics:
Width – up to 1800 mm.
Surface density – from 100 to 300 g/m2.
Thickness – from 1,5 to 10 mm.
Raw material – 100 % polypropylene.
Diameter of fibers in the material – 3-15 microns
   Available in the form of sheets 1400 X 1800 mm or in the form of rolls with a width of 1000 mm and a length of up to 30 m.

Tver Industrial Exhibition

21 September 2016

   In honor of the Day of Mechanical Engineering on September 21, 2016 in Tver there was held the largest event in the last 10 years – the Regional Industrial Exhibition. The Exhibition was attended by manufacturing companies of the Tver region.
   Among the leading companies exhibiting their products in the lobby of the Tver Academic Drama Theatre there was  JSC "VNIISV". JSC "VNIISV" presented at its stand the following products: polyacrylonitrile (PAN) filament yarn – precursor for carbon fiber; high-strength yarn from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene; surgical materials – absorbable suture based on polylactide, non-absorbable antibacterial sutures, ophthalmic cloths; high-sorption nonwovens used for respiratory protection equipment. The exposition of JSC "VNIISV" has received special attention of visitors.
   The representative of JSC "VNIISV", Alexander D. Galitsyn, Head of Scientific and Technical Department, took part in the Forum dedicated to the Day of Mechanical Engineering.
   The Regional Exhibition and the Forum was attended by high-ranking officials – acting Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya, Minister of Industry and Information technology of the Tver region Evgeny Vozhakin, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Andrey Epishin and Head of the city Alexander Korzin. During this festive occasion the high-ranking officials congratulated workers of the Engineering Industry in the Upper-Volga region, noted the importance of further development of the Tver region and the promising outlook of output product.
   Today many plants of the Tver region produce unique machinery and equipment and are leaders in their product niches. These are more than 70 enterprises, more than 33 thousand employees of Engineering Industry and about a quarter of all products of the upper Volga region.

The Day of the Russian science. The meeting of the governor of the Tver region A.V.Shevelev with the heads of high schools and scientific organizations

On February 5th, 2015

   On the eve of celebrating the Day of the Russian science - on February 5th, 2015 - there took place a meeting of the governor of the Tver region A.V. Shevelev with the heads of high schools and scientific organizations of our region. Some speakers presented in their reports the projects of innovative development of the Tver region in various branches of science and education.
   The Deputy Director General for innovations of OJSC “VNIISV” Svetlana Ivanovna Shkurenko took part in this event of interest. In her speech S.I. Shkurenko told about the enterprise activity, about the perspectives for development.
   Now one of the most important projects of the enterprise is the creation of engineering center «Green chemistry» on the basis of OJSC "VNIISV", the Tver State University and the Bach Institute of Biochemistry directed by Vladimir Olegovich Popov born in Tver. 
   Implementation of this project and also other researches of the enterprise together with educational and scientific organizations of the Tver region will promote the revival of status of the Tver region - the center of chemical science and industry.   
   To the end of the meeting A.V. Shevelev congratulated the attendees on the Day of the Russian science and in their names all employees of scientific, scientific-educational and research-and-production organizations, thanked them for the sizable contribution to social and economic development of the Tver region.

Participation of OJSC "VNIISV" in the presentation of BARMAG equipment shown in the city of Remscheid in Germany

On January 21st, 2015

   OJSC "VNIISV" maintains for a long time effective partnership relations with the German company «Oerlikon Barmag», a part of the Swiss concern «Oerlikon Group». 
   At the Institute “VNIISV” there are some kinds of equipment made by BARMAG: the take-up roll machine on the base of winding heads WUFF7 (2008); the device for yarn drawing - heated seven rolls, model STB9/7/1000/NR (2013-2014).   
   On January 21st, 2015 in Remscheid (Germany) the delegation of specialists from OJSC "VNIISV" took part in the presentation of the first-ever industrial machine made by BARMAG for production of polyester industrial yarns from bottle waste (PET packing materials). This machine is of interest for OJSC "VNIISV" with regard to expansion of competence of the organization and diversification of synthetic industrial fibrous materials made by the pilot plant of the enterprise, first of all, for reinforcing of various products within the framework of  creation of non-waste technologies. 
   Besides, the company BARMAG has the first experience of spinning of polylactide (PLA) yarns on the identical industrial equipment that is also of a real interest for us due to the fact of creation of the biotechnologies center.

On June 26th, 2014

The 3rd International Investment Forum in the Tver Region

   On June 26th, 2014 the 3-rd International Investment Forum has taken place in Tver. The purpose of the Forum was to improve an investment attractiveness of economy of the Tver region and the Central Federal district. The key theme discussed at a plenary session was the development of investment projects in some industry sectors.
   In the quality of invited participants of discussion there were representatives of the federal and regional authorities and business community, such as: the Governor of the Tver region A. Shevelev, the General Director of Agency for strategic initiatives A. Nikitin, the Chairman of Legislative Assembly of the Tver region A. Epishin, representatives of the Ministry of Industry & Trade, the Ministry of Economic development of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of manufacturers and businessmen, the representatives of major Russian and foreign companies, investment funds and banks, chambers of commerce.
   In the Forum’s program there took an active part the chief executives of OJSC "VNIISV" – the General Director B.V. Baydakov and the Deputy Director General for innovations S.I. Shkurenko. 
   The General Director of OJSC "VNIISV" B.V. Baydakov presented a paper at the thematic session devoted to the prospects of construction of industrial cluster for composite materials production in the Central federal district. In his speech B.V. Baydakov noted a rapid development of world production technologies in the field of polymeric composite materials (PCM). B.V. Baydakov also emphasized a special importance of expansion of reinforcing materials assortment and application areas of PCM, as well as necessity of up-grading and movement towards costs reduction. 
   The major projects for the Tver region are those on construction of a plant with a full production cycle of reinforcing fibrous materials for organocomposites on the base of carbon and polyethylene fibres.

The camera crew of TV channel Russia-1 has visited OJSC “VNIISV”

On May 28th, 2014

   On May 28th, 2014 the camera crew of the Federal TV channel Russia-1 has visited OJSC "VNIISV". First of all the journalists were interested in production of medical yarns. 
   The specialists of Department for chemical fibres modification, where a wide assortment of surgical sutures had been developed and is being produced now, N.A. Loginova and D.V. Borovikov presented to the journalists the research laboratories and production units, gave an interview and told about their products. A particular interest of visitors was caused by the fully automated line for packing of surgical sutures into the double air-tight packages that should be opened directly during operation. The hermetic package with a special internal folding of yarns allows to equip conveniently a needle with the necessary quantity of a sterile suture and to start sewing at once. This packing line is the boast of OJSC "VNIISV" and has no analogues in the world.

Chemist’s Day

On May 23rd, 2014

   On May 23rd, 2014 OJSC "VNIISV" has celebrated the Chemist’s Day – a professional holiday of chemical industry employees. Its history dates back to the Soviet period. 
   At the solemn meeting devoted to the Chemist’s Day the welcoming speeches were made by the following persons: the Interim Director General of OJSC "VNIISV" B.V. Baydakov, the Deputy Director General for Science A.V. Genis, the Minister of Industry and Information Technologies of the Tver region E.E. Vozhakin, the Deputy Chief Engineer for Production - Master Mechanic of OJSC "VNIISV" V.A. Bykov, the Chairman of the Committee “Roskhimprofsoyuz” (the Russian trade union of workers of chemical industries) of the Tver region V.A. Legalina. During the meeting the administration reported about the results of research projects of the Institute and about production tasks & achievements of a pilot plant. 
   For a long-term conscientious work and a considerable personal contribution to development of chemical industry 7 employees of OJSC " VNIISV" were awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies of the Tver region, 7 more specialists earned honorific mention. Two workers of OJSC "VNIISV" got a citation from the Ministry for Industry and Trade of Russia.
   On the occasion of a professional holiday 14 long-service employees obtained the rank of "Veteran of VNIISV", 79 persons were rewarded the Certificates of Honour by the administration of the enterprise. For an active work in a trade union 2 workers of OJSC "VNIISV” received the First and Second Class Badges of the Central Committee of Trade union.
   The Chemist’s Day is a holiday filled with traditions. In 1966 there has arisen a tradition to celebrate annually a professional holiday following the periodic system of chemical elements. For the first time the Chemist’s Day has been celebrated under the chemical element №1 – Hydrogen. This year the holiday was held under aegis of the chemical element №49 with a beautiful name Indium.

14th International Exhibition “INLEGMASH’2014”

On April 22-25th, 2014

   The specialists of OJSC "VNIISV" have visited the 14th International Exhibition “INLEGMASH’2014” dedicated to the equipment for textile manufacturing and processing. The exhibition “INLEGMASH’2014” took place in Moscow in the Central Exhibition Complex "ExpoCentre" on April, 22-25th. 
   “INLEGMASH’2014” is the only Russian specialized trade fair where equipment of all stages of textile manufacture is presented: from fibre processing to finished product packaging. The exhibition “INLEGMASH’2014” is also the most important meeting place in Russia for the textile engineering professionals, leading developers of technologies and equipment manufacturers from across the globe.
   At the exhibition there were shown samples of the advanced textile equipment of more than 140 leading manufacturers from 18 countries, including the following known companies: Ferrostaal, Oerlikon Barmag, Lonati, Dilo, Textima, PaiLung, BENEKS, USTER, Heberlein, MESDAN and many others. Such countries as Italy, Germany, Turkey and China, being the market leaders, presented collective displays. 
   The running thread quality control systems and pneumatic knotters produced by USTER (Switzerland) were of particular interest to the experts of OJSC "VNIISV".
   “INLEGMASH’2014” gave a great opportunity for the professionals of OJSC "VNIISV" to see in operation a full range of the newest textile equipment, to establish new contacts and strengthen existing business relationships.

The Day of Science

On February 7th, 2014

   A further advancement of the Russian science is a key condition for innovative development of our country.  
   During the 57-year-work OJSC "VNIISV" has made a considerable contribution to formation and development of domestic sector of chemical fibres due to creation of technologies and equipment in the field of synthesis and processing of fiber-forming polymers. 
   Today OJSC "VNIISV" continues to develop new high technologies and improve existing production technologies of chemical fibres and fibrous materials. At the enterprise there are involved 108 research workers, including 2 Doctors of sciences and 28 Candidates of science. OJSC "VNIISV" has 1367 copyright certificates and patents. The enterprise has been awarded the Diploma and the Medal of IV Brussels Salon of inventions, the Badge «Gold Merkury» for achievements in the field of science and engineering.
   Due to in-house development the pilot plant of OJSC "VNIISV" manufactures at present some up-to-date small-volume products, such as: polyacrylonitrile industrial yarns, including yarns for production of carbon reinforcing fillers for composites; special synthetic fibres for protection of securities against forgery; a wide spectrum of surgical sutures; highly filled sorption-active nonwoven materials; biodegradable polymers on the base of renewable natural raw materials for absorbable sutures, implants, etc. 
   Besides OJSC "VNIISV" is engaged in creation of the first Russian base production of high-strength yarns from ultrahigh-molecular polyethylene for light-weight and extralight-weight composite materials of new generation.

Meeting with the Governor of the Tver region

On February 5th, 2014

   On February 5th, 2014 in Tver within the framework of celebrating the Day of Science there took place a meeting of the Tver region Governor A.V. Shevelev with the rectors of Tver institutes of higher education, the heads of branch scientific institutes and the Ministry of Economic development of the Tver region, representatives of the Tver mass-media and television. The deputy director general of OJSC "VNIISV" Shkurenko Svetlana Ivanovna was also present at the meeting and took an active part in discussions. During the meeting there was discussed a predominating role of Tver scientific organizations in development of science in the Tver region.
   The scientific and practical activities of OJSC "VNIISV" are directed now on development and making a factory, which will manufacture defense and civil products, including medical purpose products.
   One of the joint projects of OJSC "VNIISV" and the Tver Medical Academy on the subject of medical production has arisen even more 20 years ago. As a result of collaboration 6 types of surgical sutures and 6 types of ophthalmologic cloths have been developed and introduced into medical practice. About 70% of created materials have no analogues in Russia and abroad. 
   Summarizing the results of the meeting it was planned to expand the joint researches of OJSC ""VNIISV" " together with the Tver State University in the field of synthetic fibres and together with the Tver Agricultural Academy - in the field of biodegradable polymers.

The 6th Forum «Polymers of Russia 2013»

On October 2nd, 2013

The 6th Forum «Polymers of Russia 2013» was heldon October 2nd, 2013 in Moscow. Thekey objectives of the Forum were: looking for new ways to develop the Russian polymeric branch and state stimulating the consumption of domestic polymeric materials.
The Adviser of Director General of OJSC "VNIISV" Viktor I. Kernitsky also took part in sessions of the 6th Forum «Polymers of Russia 2013».
18 w1t1.jpgV.I. Kernitsky gave a report and made a presentation on the theme “Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - continuous development of technologies, diversification of fields of applications and new trends”.
In the report V.I. Kernitsky analyzed a current state, basic trends and development prospects of production of one of the most widespread polymers - polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which global output has already exceeded 64 million tons. There were also considered some issues of potential use of alternative (renewable) raw materials for PET and new fields of PET application. In a final part of the report the problem ofPET resinfor food packaging in Russia was shortly mentioned.
Russian PET resin applied in containers for various drinks is successfully exported to Europe and can have a new development. Constant perfection of technologies, raw-material base development reduces the cost of PET manufacture and allows it to be more competitive in variety of areas in relation to other polymers.


11th International aerospace salon MAKS


The 11th Internationalaerospacesalon MAKS-2013 took place from August 27th to September 1st in Zhukovsky, Moscow region.The SalonMAKS is one of the largest Russian exhibitions showingthe achievements ofaerospace industry. The Salon makc2.jpgMAKS allows to trace tendencies of science and technology development and to expose potential of the Russian companies not only in the field of aircraft, but also in allied industries. Each two years the Russian and foreign experts are given an opportunity to discuss prospectsmakc1.jpg of international cooperationand show innovative products.
OJSC “VNIISV” took part in the 11th International aerospace salon MAKS-2013 as a part of the holding company RT-CHEMCOMPOSITE and showed at the stand the following products: PAN industrial yarns for carbon reinforcing fillers, high-tenacity yarns from ultrahigh-molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), surgical sutures and biodegradable polymer - polylactide.
Improvement of composites manufacture is of considerable importance for development of aircraft industry and astronautics, along with adoption of perspective technologies at a stage of raw materials production. In this connection a particular interest of MAKS visitors there caused UHMW-PE yarns with outstanding high-speed strain resistance. Thanks to their properties UHMW-PE yarns made by OJSC “VNIISV”can be applied in extra-light composites with high ballistic strength for aircraft- and helicopter engineering.

Carbon Fibres R&D Workshop in Buffalo, New York, USA

On July 25-26th, 2013

On July 25-26th, 2013 the group of specialists of OJSC “VNIISV’, headed by the Director General Baydakov Boris Vladimirovich, visited Carbon Fibres R&D Workshop, hosted by the company “Harper International” in Buffalo (NY, USA).The American company “Harper International” is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered thermal systems and the equipment for processing carbon fibres.
IMG_011212.jpgThe main objective of visiting the workshop was acquaintance with the global achievements and new technologies in the field of production of carbon fibres on the base of various raw materials as well as acquaintance with the displayed samples ofIMG_00801.jpg ovens and furnaces made by “Harper Int.”. The workshop program was very informative. On the agenda there were scientists’ and experts’ reports on the following topics: carbon fibres and composites R&D, trends and prospects of high-modulus carbon fibers industry, new approaches to mass application of polymeric composite materials, etc.
On the first day of the workshop there also took place an informal meeting of representatives of OJSC “VNIISV” with the management and technical experts of  “Harper Int.”, led by the President Charles Miller. At the meeting personal acquaintance of the heads of both companies came off, whereupon some questions on the further mutually advantageous cooperation were discussed in details.
The second day of the workshop was devoted to a display tour, during which the customized laboratory equipment for processing PAN precursors and production-scale graphitization furnaces of “Harper Int.” were visually presented to participants.
The technical sessions organized by “Harper Int.” went off rather fruitfully.The specialists of OJSC “VNIISV”studied the issues and opportunities of the world CFC industry.

Journalists of TV channel "Russia-1. Tver" have visited OJSC “VNIISV”

On June 28th, 2013 the camera crew of the program "News-Tver", attracted by publications in mass-media about the unique properties of yarns produced by VNIISV, visited the Institute. The journalists were particularly interested in yarns of medical purpose and products for "Goznak."
gurnal.jpgOJSC “VNIISV” produces 20,000 kilometers of medical yarns per year. The products feature the widest range of types and special properties. The yarns "Tveran", "Nikant" and "Ftorest" are applied by surgeons all over Russia. A particular pride of “VNIISV” is a biologically active yarn with antibiotics and wound healing effects. It greatly reduces the amount and severity of suppurative complications after surgical intervention. This yarn is particularly valuable in insanitary conditions (emergency situations, military operations).
The yarn is delivered both on bobbins and in a special hermetic sterilized packing of “VNIISV” in-house development. For 20 years there have been create several packing machines having no analogues in the world. The latest model is fully automated, it puts and seals the yarn in two packages that should be opened directly on the surgical table, without preliminary preparation and sterilization. The external package provides general airtightness of the system, the internal package allows holding and unwinding the yarn as needed during surgical operations. Surgeons like such a big 3-metres length of the yarn in a package.
Our partners produce non-traumatic needles with already inserted yarn. Deliveries of bobbins with a winding up to one kilometer are possible for big customers and processers.
Another division of the Institute produces fibers ensuring protection of Russian rubles. Composition and structure of the fiber are modified every five years.
The reportage, shot during the visit of journalists, was shown in the newscast "News-Tver" on July 3rd, 2013, and attracted attention of townspeople.

The exhibition «Techtextil», Frankfurt on the Main, Germany

On June 11-13th,  2013

5.jpgThe specialists of OJSC "VNIISV" have visited the exhibition "Techtextil", held on June 11-13th, 2013 in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. The delegation from OJSC "VNIISV" included the following persons: B.V. Baidakov – the Director General, S.I. Shkurenko – the Deputy Director for Innovations, V.I. Kernitsky – the Adviser of Director General, Yu.S. Koval – the Head of Department for Solution & Melt-Spun Fibers.
The exhibition "Techtextil" is being held biennially and is the major event for manufacturers4.jpg of technical textiles all over the world. About 500 companies from 42 countries take part in the "Techtextil". The number of visitors reaches 24 000 persons from 76 countries.
At the exhibition there were shown high technologies and samples of various kinds of textile products for technical application - from agriculture and medicine to road building and aircraft.
The exhibits and advertising materials of companies "LIBA", "Onteck", "Dournev", "Barmag", "Toray", "Technische Universitat Dresden", "The Union of German Engineers", "Herzog" were of particular interest for the experts of OJSC "VNIISV".
 During the exhibition the representatives of OJSC "VNIISV" carried on negotiations with the companies "LIBA ", "Onteck ", " Dournev ", "Fourne" on the subject of cooperation in production of pilot samples of materials and equipment supply.