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Joint-Stock Company
«Research Institute of Synthetic Fiber
with the Pilot Plant»
(JSC "VNIISV"), the Russian Federation, Tver

JSC "VNIISV" is the only research-and-production enterprise in Russia and the CIS with industry-based specialization in the field of synthetic fibers. It consists of the Institute and the Pilot Plant.

The company has more than 60 years of experience in creation of advanced technologies for production of synthetic fibers and fibrous materials.

The uniqueness of JSC "VNIISV" is the harmonious unity of scientific and industrial components of each type of product developed and manufactured by the company.

The Research Institute of Synthetic Fiber with the Pilot Plant ("VNIISV") was founded on the resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1956 as a leading industry-based Research Center of the USSR, intended to develop commercially the technologies for manufacture of new products in the field of synthetic fibers in Russia and the Union Republics within the USSR.

In 2015 “VNIISV” was transformed into a joint stock company.

Today JSC "VNIISV" is a modern diversified research-and-production enterprise, where along with the main subject there are developed the most important trends in the area of low-tonnage fibers, yarns and fibrous materials of special purpose.

The Institute carries out research and development works in the field of synthesis and processing of fiber-forming polymers. New technologies are being developed, existing technologies for production of low-tonnage special products for chemical industry are being improved. Pilot works are being fulfilled, pilot batches of polymers, low-tonnage fibers and fibrous materials are being sold.

The production base of JSC "VNIISV" is its own pilot plant fitted with manufacturing and auxiliary equipment, extensive infrastructure and provided with highly qualified personnel.

The structure of the pilot plant includes facilities for production of PAN industrial yarns for carbon fiber, special protective fibers and yarns, nonwovens, polypropylene and polyester industrial yarns. Surgical sutures and ophthalmic cloths are produced in specialized laboratories and workshops. The main types of products are protected by patents.

In addition to 7 research subdivisions, the Institute operates: design department, center for vocational training, production-technology department, sanitary-industrial laboratory, chief metrologist's department, labor protection service, department of capital construction.

The Institute collects information and carries out analysis of data in the field of production and processing of chemical fibers, puts in place normative legal and methodical documents, professional education programs. There are also activities as regards technical regulation, standardization, metrology, accreditation of products.

The personnel of JSC "VNIISV" is represented by specialists of high scientific and technical level: the Institute employs 232 specialists and 350 workers of various professions. The scientific part of the organization employs 65 specialists, 2 Doctors habilitated (full professors) and 16 Ph. Doctors.
Thanks to highly developed research base the Institute closely cooperates with research, engineering and design organizations, universities and industrial enterprises of Russia, the CIS and other countries.

· Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.
· Production of artificial and synthetic fibers.

· Full cycle of creation of new products: from research to manufacture & sale of prototype samples and batches, to testing and technical support.
· Arrangement of manufacture of developed products at the own pilot plant.
· Gained experience of creation of large-scale and low-tonnage special products for chemical industry.
· Modern proprietary production technologies.
· High qualification and creative potential of the team.