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Polypropylene yarn twisted

(TU  2272-180-00209556-2004)

Polypropylene twisted yarn has a uniform network structure with good elastic, electric insulating and thermal protection properties, resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents. The yarn is notable for its high strength, durability, fungus resistance, possesses high stability to thermal-oxidative aging, good antistatic properties, high stability to detergents and fading.
The yarn can be produced both undyed (white) and dyed (red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, violet (lilac), beige and also melange).

Technical Characteristics

Yarn parameters Standard
Linear density, tex 500*
Deviation of actual linear density from nominal, tex, maximal 50
Tensile strength, N, minimal 150
Breaking elongation, %,  maximal 35,0
Torsions number per 1 m of the yarn 125 ± 20/TD>

*On agreement with the consumer manufacturing of yarns of linear density 400 600 tex is allowed.


The yarn is applied as material for eyelets used for clipping of sausage casing. The yarn can be also used for steel ropes cores and for ropes marking and as binding packing material for different applications. Polypropylene yarn is also used for production of cords, ropes, carpets, filtering materials, upholstery and etc.