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Fibrous sorption-active material

(TU 2282-169-00209556-2002)

The fibrous sorption-active material is produced on the unique patented technology by air spinning of  polymer solution. The material is manufactured on the base of acrylonitrile and methyl acrylate copolymer and can be filled with fine dispersed sorbents like active coals, ion-exchange resins, amorphous silicon dioxide, thermostabilized rice husk, etc. The type of sorbent is selected on agreement with the customer.

Technical Characteristics

Yarn parameters Standard
Surface density, g/m2 100÷300
Air permeability, dm3/m2 sec 480÷160
Air flow resistance (V=1cm/sec), Pа 1÷6
Sorption capacity on benzene, mg/g 160÷180


 The material is used at manufacturing of automobile filters, filters used at complex water purification, sanitary treatment of industrial gases and liquids, clearing of surfaces of ponds, and also for manufacturing of means of protection of respiratory tract from gases and harmful spray, including ammonia. It is applied for respirators at chemical plants, metallurgy, on atomic power stations, in paint and varnish works, in building construction and at furniture manufacturing.
Application in climate-control systems of industrial premises and offices, in medicine and pharmaceutics, and also for entrapment precious metals in sewage of nonferrous metallurgy enterprises is possible.


Fibrous carbon-reinforced material

(TU/ТУ 2282-173-00209556-2003)

Carbon-reinforced fibrous material is produced from the mix compositions of polyacrylonitrile copolymer and polyurethane and is reinforced by fine-dispersed activated coal. The "know-how" is unique, it allows admixture up to 75% of reinforcement material from gross weight of the product. The material is delivered in the form of cloth, width 1000 +-50 mm, in a roll (25 running meters).

Technical Characteristics

Parameters Standard
Surface density, g/m2 100÷300
 Air permeability, dm3/m2s 670÷220
Air flow resistance (V=1cm/s), Pа 0,5÷6
Sorptive capacity on benzene, mg/g  140÷160


Carbon-reinforced fibrous material is applied at manufacturing of special products in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation at temperatures within -40 -  +40 °С.
The material is used for manufacturing:

  • Protectors for skin and respiratory apparatus (respirators, protection clothing, hoods); 
  • Hydraulic and gas-cleaning filters;
  • Protection devices for elimination of unpleasant smells in food processing enterprises,  industrial premises of chemical, oil refining, meat-and fish-processing industries.


Filtering protective material

(TU 2282-172-00209556-2003 )

The material presents itself the carbon-reinforced fibrous material dubbed from both sides by mesh bucktram. The material is of high drape, insoluble, resistant to biochemicals, diluted acids, alkalis, light and climatic conditions. The temperature range of application is within -40  - +40 °С.

Technical Characteristics

Parameters  Standard
Surface density, g/m2 350±50
Air flow resistance (V=1cm/s), Pа 110÷140
Time of protective activity, min., minimal 240


The material protects from harmful influence of environment at natural and technogenic accidents. It is applied at manufacturing of skin protectors including reusable protective clothing for special divisions of the Emergency Control Ministry for protection. 


Polypropylene fibrous filtering material

(TU 6-13-00209556-141-98 )

The material is produced from 100% polypropylene, it can be produced hydrophobic and hydrophilic. The material is profitable compared to granulated and powder-like sorbents (peat, coal, agrowaste, etc.): an advanced specific surface area, high oil capacity, flotation. It is easy at transportation and operation, can be successfully used as good filtering material. The material can be used in all climatic zones of the Russian Federation at temperature range within - 40 °С  - + 50 °С. The material can be goffered, rumpled, therefore it can be reused.

Technical Characteristics

Parameters Standard
Filament diameter, micron 3,5 - 40
Thickness of material,  micron 40 - 2000000
Surface density, g/m2 25 - 2000
Pore diameter (maximal/basic), micron 30/25 – 300/200
Width, mm 1400
Length, mm 1900


As filters: 

  •  For sewage treatment with different concentration of pollution at washing stations for motor transport, at water purification of ponds, rivers, seas in cases of mineral oil pollution (oil capacity - up to 20 kg/kg of material); 
  • For fuel (filtration of petrol, gases); 
  • For air (for manufacturing of filtering half masks and medical face masks with FFP-1 class of filtering activity, and at electrostatic charge application it can be used for respirators with  FFP-2 class of filtering efficiency).

The material can be applied for thermal- and sound protection.